FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to.
It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK)
It's kind of like Firesheep for android. Maybe a bit easier to use (and it works on WPA2!).

*** ROOTED PHONE *** is required. Please note that if webuser uses SSL this application won't work.
This application due to its nature is very phone-dependant so please let me know if it won't work for You

Use with stock browser (might not work with other)
Legal notice: this application is for educational purposes only. Do not try to use it if it's not legal in your country.
I do not take any responsibility for anything you do using this application. Use at your own risk

This apk is limited to use only 3 hijacked profiles, if you want more - you will need activation code. You can buy it from the app - hit Menu and Unlock App

NEW 2.4 FINAL RELEASE: FaceNiff-2.4.apk

Any questions? - Look at forum here: http://forum.ponury.net/

Changelog: http://forum.ponury.net/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4

Supported services: (new coming soon)
  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • VKontakte
  • Tumblr
  • MySpace
  • Tuenti
  • MeinVZ/StudiVZ
  • blogger
  • Nasza-Klasa
If you have any questions please look at the forum first: http://forum.ponury.net/
If you want to contact me look here: http://ponury.net/contact
If you didn't get the Key for the app after buying please check spam, if it's not there then click "Buy" again - it will redirect you to a page with your key. In case everything fails - contact me we'll figure this out